Ten on Ten – May

ten on ten button

Ten hours.
Ten photos.

6am – Madeline’s shiner

7am – I’m obsessed with journals and sketchbooks. I’m trying to force myself to fill some of them up before I collect any more.

8am – first bloom of the year

9am – So many projects, so little time

10am – Hard at work

11am – Ripening

12pm – New recipe

1pm – Relax

13 thoughts on “Ten on Ten – May”

    1. Oh my word, mom. You’re right.
      Wow, now I feel really stupid, because that’s all I took and I honestly thought I did ten….
      Guess it’s 8 on 10 this month.

  1. Awww, poor kiddo. Such a sweet face!
    Projects look like fun.
    Pretty butterflies…and oh my gosh, she has the BEST hair!

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