Ten on Ten: October

ten on ten button

Ten hours.
Ten photos.
On the tenth of each month.

Here’s a peek at our day.

7 am – Yummy fall scents make the gloominess outside seem not so bad
8am – Getting an early start on our project for the day
9am – Love my DIY apothecary jars
10am – Afternoon project (if I don’t chicken out)
11am – A “fancy” break
12pm – Clean and “polished”
1pm – We {heart} lunchtime
3pm – I like this show

8 thoughts on “Ten on Ten: October”

  1. I’m liking your day thus far… specially the photo of the girls painting – tongues sticking out. I’m 44 and still paint with my tongue sticking out! LOL!

  2. I loooooved you participation to the project 10 on 10! I (try to) do this every month, for… more than a year and it´s always surprising!

    I love the picture “clean and polish”… because I made one just like that on my “10 on 10”!!! What were the odds??? I live in Brazil! LoL!!!

    Congrats! Great day!


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