Ten Things {About Road Trips with Kids}

I meant to post this last week in Amarillo, but we didn’t get there until eleven, so my official excuse goes back to reason #3.

Ten Things about Road Trips/Travelling with Kids

  1. At least one kid will get sick during the course of the trip.  Just plan ahead and keep a barf bucket handy.  You can thank me later. 
  2. No matter how many fun and entertaining things you plan for your kids, they’ll still gripe about being bored for that 3% of downtime you have.
  3. Whoever said vacations are for rest and relaxation obviously didn’t travel with ankle-biters in tow.  Just plan on coming home twice as exhausted as when you left.  At least.
  4. If your child reads, prepare to be asked if every hotel you pass is where you’re going to stop.  Even when you’re still in your hometown.
  5. Just when you’ve established a sort of system for living out of suitcases, your 6-year-old will come along to “organize” them for you.  Just roll with it.
  6. Don’t be surprised if your usually well-behaved children will suddenly be inexplicably rude to friends/relatives you’re visiting.  They have no reason for it, but it’ll probably happen anyway..
  7. Don’t give kids crayons in the car.  Just don’t.
  8. Don’t use anyone else’s car.  Just don’t.
  9. If you’re staying with friends or relatives, prepare to live in terror that your kids will destroy their entire house before the visit is up.  (This is partially why there’s no such thing as relaxing vacations with kids.)
  10. That 15-hour road trip will turn into a 22-hour bathroom-break marathon, and you’ll find yourself aquainted with every Dairy Queen between Dallas and Denver.  And trust me, peoples, there’s a lot of them.

3 thoughts on “Ten Things {About Road Trips with Kids}”

  1. Did you go across town with my children because in a 15 minute road trip to Wal-Mart I get asked “are we almost there?”

  2. We took a 6 hour road trip once. ONCE BEING THE KEY WORD! LOL

    Now we just stick to two hour trips.

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