Ten Things {Beauty Products I Swear By}

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Three day weekend, peoples! Does anyone have exciting plans? We’re staying in and relaxing, which sounds perfect to me since the rest of the week looks like it’s going to be busy. Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day!

Here are my top ten beauty products I recommend.

  • Lypsyl lip balm – I know, I’ve mentioned this one before, but it deserves to be on this list.  It’s made with beeswax and I love it so much that I’ve sworn off all other brands of lip balm.   download
  • Chi flat iron.  I have pretty wild, wavy hair that likes to frizz in this wretchedly humid climate.  I used to fight with it all the time with curling irons and lesser flat irons until I got my Chi.  Now I can actually have the nice, smooth hair I always wanted…if I take the time.  😉   Chi Flat Iron
  • Schick Hydro Silk razor – it has 5 blades.  Enough said.   download (1)
  • Physicians Formula Eye Liner Trio for brown eyes – love, love, LOVE these eyeliners.  They go on smoothly, STAY ON (huge points for that), and I love that I don’t have to try to guess which colors work for my eyes.  Except sometimes my eyes look green.  And sometimes they look hazel.  Guess I should buy those trios as well.  What a bummer.  😉   download (2)
  • Dove deodorant – I’ve tried just about every deodorant under the sun and this is the only brand I’ve consistently loved.  The scents are nice and the deo doesn’t leave streaks on my shirt.   images
  • Blue Revlon nail polish – I only paint my toes, and always with blue.  I don’t know why.  But my favorites are Revlons Ocean and Revlons Blue Mosaic (which is new-ish).    images (1) images (2)
  • Urban Decay Eden Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Heather sent this to me because she didn’t like it (weirdo), and now I’m convinced I can’t live without it.  I seriously love this stuff and sometimes even use it without shadow.  Is that weird?   images (3)
  • Bath and Body Works body lotion – I’ve used this every single day for years and years.  I like Aveeno lotion, too, but I prefer scented, so B&BW wins every time.  Now if I could just find all of my favorite discontinued scents…   download (3)
  • Fysiko Lash Serum – I was given a bottle of the serum to review and have been pleasantly surprised by the results.  My pathetic eyelashes have actually grown out some while I’ve used it, which is pretty exciting for a girl who’s never had any.  I’ll be posting a full review on this product soon!   images (4)
  • John Frieda foam hair color – I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been going grey for quite a while now.  It’s a bummer, especially with Ang so far away (the highlights hid the grey a lot longer than dyeing does), but what can you do.  The foam is easier to apply than the traditional dye and the JF brand seems to cover really well.  Plus the kits include these cool black gloves that make me feel like a secret agent or something when I wear them…   download (4)

So…are any of these your favorite products?  What beauty items can you not live without?

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7 thoughts on “Ten Things {Beauty Products I Swear By}”

  1. I love, love, the schick hydro razor! Fave of mine, I need to try a couple of the other things you were talking about. I can’t find any eye shadow I really love. I am also in love with Loreal’s Tru Match Lumi foundation! Never changing!!!!!

    1. I know I sound like a broken record, but I like the Physicians Formula eyeshadows, especially the shimmer strips and the oatmeal (color) wet/dry palette. I did just get some Almay shadow creme sticks that I’m interested to try out, though.

  2. OK…I’m going to have to try that eyelash stuff….it seems pretty cool!!! I think my top ten things would beeeee

    1. My Urban Decay Naked2 palette….MOST.AWESOME.PALETTE.EVERRRR.
    2.My Paul Mitchell hair straightener. I like the Chi OKAY, but since my hair is CRAZY CURLY and CRAZY THICK, this one works wonders. Its pretty amazing.
    3.My almay no-smear eyeliner. Its crazyawesome.
    4.My falsies mascara by maybeline…maybelline? idk.
    5.My M.A.C primer…I’m going to have to have a little talk with Heather. I’ve been wanting to try the UD primer potion…I just haven’t. the MAC one though…has LITERALLY…..lasted me….8 years. No lie. and I sometimes use it as eyeshadow too.
    6.I also use the Schick Hydrosilk razor!!! Bzzagent actually is the reason, really…I always used the venus embrace…and when i tried the Schick it was sooo much smoother. I love it.
    7.My Clinique rinse off eye makeup remover….its the one in the blue bottle not the purple. Although, I do LOVE the purple one too…its just oil based, where the rinse isn’t. I actually use it when I’m putting ON my makeup. Sometimes I tend to get a little bit of mascara on my eyelids, or I put my bottom liner on a little too thick (I CAN do it nice and neat…its just simpler to me to clean it up lol) and I just get some cue tips and clean up around my eyes.
    8. My faithful q-tips. I’ve tried ALLLL the different brands…and Q-TIPS are the best. by far. I’ve never met a person who goes through cue tips as much as I do. I love em.
    9. My Colgate Optic White toothpaste…I used to only like CREST, but this one toootally is sooo much better. I lovvve it.
    10. My Vaseline brand cocoa and shea butter lotion. It smells MARVELOUS…and leaves my skin SUPER soft. its in a brown bottle.


    1. Oooh, Q-tips. I’m a fellow obsesser.
      Your straightener sounds nice; my hair is really thick too, which is why I don’t use my Chi every day. It takes forever!

  3. I can live without the Urban Decay Primer as well, its amazing isn’t it! I’m not sure if they sell Lipsyl in the UK but i do use the Burts Bee’s Bees wax Lipbalm, its pretty good xx

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