Ten Things {I Found in my Bible}

I’ve had the Bible I use right now for close to 15 years.  I love it, but it’s falling apart and I think I’m going to have to switch soon.  It always makes me sad when that happens; I feel like I’m losing an old friend and it’s hard to get used to a new one.

I was flipping through my Bible and realized that I have an interesting assortment of things sandwiched between pages.  Some have been there for a really long time, some I never intended to store there but they got lost in the pages and never found their way out.

Here are ten of the things I found in my decrepit Bible:

Bible collage


  • #1 – A message in Arabic from Noah.  I have no idea what it says.  You’d think I’d have thought to write down the translation, but nope.  Oh well, it’s kind of cool, and I doubt I’ll ever have another Arabic note given to me.  (Which reminds me that I also had a Braille letter given to me and I THREW IT AWAY.  Ah, the stupidity of youth!)
  • #2 – A diagram of the End Times events that Pastor Humphrey gave out a kabillion years ago.  I have no idea why it’s survived all this time.
  • #3 – The lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner, also dating back to Plack Road Baptist days.  Again, no idea why it’s still hanging out in my Bible.
  • #4 and #5 – Drawings from Madeline and Susannah, respectively.  I adore kids drawings.  Pretty sure I’ve said that before.  😉
  • #6 – Bookmark from Danielle.  I wish I knew how to make stuff like that.
  • #7 – A letter Calder gave me right before I left Alaska.  I also love little kids handwriting.
  • #8 – A photo from Laura-Lou.  Miss that girl.
  • #9 – The day Jerm and I met we exchanged email addresses.  I totally never expected to write to him so I stuck the paper he gave me in my Bible and forgot about it.  Good thing he wrote me first!
  • #10 – A sticker from Davy.  You know a kid loves you if they give you their Sunday School sticker.  I miss my little buddy (although he’s not so little anymore).
  • #11 – A flower my grandpa gave me from his garden on one of my visits.  He handed it to me on the way to church one day and I stuck it in my Bible so I wouldn’t lose it.  I kind of like having something in there to remind me of him.

So, do you store stuff in your Bible or keep it pristine?  Mine is a little messy, but very well-loved.  Just the way I like it.

7 thoughts on “Ten Things {I Found in my Bible}”

  1. I highly recommend the Cambridge Oxford Reference edition. I have used it for over 10 years. Just replaced my last one with an identical one. It is an uncluttered text. Minimal cross references. A perfect size. Comes in a dizzying array of covers. I replaced my calfskin of many years with a goatskin. Positively exquisite in feel and texture. Sewn cover instead of glue. Comes art gilded edges instead of just gold gilt. Anyhow, just my two cents…..

    C. McEntire

    1. Does it have wide margins? I must have them. And I’m not sure I want to carry around a dead goat. Dead cow is much better. 😉

      1. Mine does not have wide margins. They do make it though. And obviously the only reason that you wouldn’t carry around “dead goat” is because you have never felt the majesty and decadence of said material.

        C. McEntire

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