Ten Things {I love about my husband}

Here are ten things I love about Jerm.

  • I love how he loses every single game he plays against me.  😉
  • I love that he makes breakfast every Sunday morning so I’ll have a few extra minutes to get myself and the girls ready to go.
  • I love what a totally awesome dad he is.  I mean, come on, he makes marshmallow guns and stuff.
  • I love that he gives me a monthly craft fund (his suggestion, even!).  Now that’s love. 😉
  • I love how loyal he is to his family.
  • I love how whenever I have a craving for a diet cranberry limeade he goes down to Sonic and buys one for me.
  • I love him for his crazy dancing skills.  Seriously, you should see he and Susannah go nuts when this song is playing.
  • I love how he doesn’t care at all that I’ve gained a few pounds, but is completely supportive when I (futilely) try to lose weight.  (Which is all the time.)
  • I love what a hard worker he is. He always gives 100%.  And I’m super proud of him for getting promoted to supervisor in his department.  Awesome.  🙂
  • I love his Josh Groban-inspired shower sessions.  My brother always sang in the shower, so maybe it’s a guy thing, but Jerm takes it to a whole new level.  The neighbors can probably hear him…


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