Ten Things {I Love About Texas}

Since I shared a few weeks ago about some of the things I love and miss about Alaska, I thought it would be only fair to also make a list of some of the great things about Texas.

Also…to appease my husband. ūüėČ

  • The sunsets. ¬† Texas may not have mountains or eagles or snow, but one thing it does really well is sunsets. ¬†They’re beautiful, striking, bold. ¬†Just wide open sky streaked with color.
  • The old towns. ¬†I’m sure that the towns here have nothing on many in the Eastern states, but since I grew up in the Northwest and Alaska where everything is relatively new, ¬†I love seeing old courthouses and town squares.
  • Fireflies. ¬†They’re awesome.
  • The shopping. ¬†There’s pretty much nothing you can’t find down here. ¬†And if you use coupons and shop deals it’s a pretty awesome place to score some deals. ¬†Plus, hello, all the craft stores are down here!
  • Thunderstorms. ¬†The storms in Texas are wild and violent and awesome. ¬†I love em.
  • Central Market. ¬†I guess this could technically fall under shopping, but it’s such a cool store that I thought it deserved its own slot.
  • I know Jerm is going to shudder when he reads this, but I like living near a big city. ¬†Want to go to a zoo? ¬†No problem. ¬†Want to catch a play? ¬†No biggie (I’m still kind of upset that I didn’t take the girls to see Mary Poppins last month).
  • Temple. ¬†It’s the perfect, lovely, little town. ¬†It doesn’t hurt that grandma lives there.
  • Hello! ¬†George W. Bush lives here.
  • The bluebonnets in the springtime. ¬†Gorgeousness.


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  1. I personally did not really sense the same heart and passion that went into the alaska one…..I also wonder how you narrowed it down to just 10. I think this would be a good month long topic…..and still one could only scratch the surface.

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