Ten Things {I Need to Improve}

Ten things in my life that need some drastic improvement:

  • My posture.  Now that I’m pretty much a hunchback I wish I had listened to my grandma all those times she told me to stand up and be proud to be tall.  Do you know how hard it is to develop good posture habits after 34 years?  Hard.
  • My hideous piano playing.  Ever since I read The First 20 Hours I’ve been scheming about all the things I might learn (or re-learn) if I actually force myself to dedicate enough time to them.  Since I can read music and have the basics down already, I think I’m going to start with practicing the piano.  Right now it’s just…painful.
  • My sparkling conversation.  Because let’s face it, there’s got to be a reason why I barely have any friends.
  • My wardrobe.  This probably needs the most work of all.  I don’t fit in at least half of my clothes and no amount of work seems to get me any closer to wearing them.  Honestly, I’m tired of my uniform of oversized t-shirts and jeans.  My plan is to consult my Pinterest style board and make selections based off of that.  At least then I’ll have some clothing that I like (hopefully).
  • My time-management skills.  I was doing pretty well with this for a while, but let my schedule slip and now I just drift through the weeks hoping I’m not missing anything too important.  I love me a good schedule, though, so it’s time to kick myself back into it.
  • My green thumb.  I used to loooooove being out in the garden.  Until I moved to Texas.  Now it’s about all I can do to drag myself out in the heat.   This one kind of ties in with time management, because if I went out in the morning and did my yard work I think I would enjoy gardening again.
  • My intention to be kind to my family.  I read this post about ways to be kind to your children last week and it made me realize how little it really takes….and how often I pass up opportunities.  I think I need to print that list out to remind me of all the ways I can be kind.
  • My sleep schedule.  Because staying up until 3am reading every other night is probably not the smartest choice I’ve ever made.
  • My budget.  Because let’s face it, after we paid the house off we just don’t care anymore.  And that’s also not a smart choice.
  • My organizational system.  Because it’s pretty much failed.  I desperately need to get back on track because the clutter is killllllling me.

So there are my top ten things that need some desperate work at the moment.  How about you?  Do you struggle in any of these areas?


3 thoughts on “Ten Things {I Need to Improve}”

  1. I have a green thumb, but can’t play piano. I have found it very difficult to organize collections. I am frugal, that’s how I help with the budget. I stay up until three once very 5 years….so I don’t worry too much about that one! Time management is not so great. I piddle and piddle the days away. I AM cleaning out my closet….getting rid of my tired clothes so I won’t keep wearing them. Buying a few new things here and there. I don’t know about my posture….but I do have lots of friends. I don’t eat healthy except for an occasional apple. I love to teach my Sunday School girls, but don’t enjoy getting the lessons ready…..I started some container gardening plants, they’re growing and blooming and all sorts of things, and now I don’t even care. I’m tired of our dogs right now…..can’t keep the floors clean and I don’t enjoy cooking one little bit. So, while I can grow flowers that doesn’t help much with supper. I love to sew, but haven’t been doing it…..haven’t had a really *good* book for quite a while…..that sums it up for me right now.

  2. I can relate to all of these in some way or form. I was just sitting here at work thinking I really need to get a hold of our budget again and start caring once more. Also my organization, I have changed alot since being on my medication. I have got to get a handle on this.

  3. Oh to be a neat freak!!! The clutter is killing me. I just never seem to have enough time to actually declutter…

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