Ten Things {I Really Want to Learn}

These are not great aspirations, like “I want to be a better mother.” Those can pretty much go unspoken, right?

These are more of the bucket-list variety.

    1. I want to learn to create with watercolors. I don’t ever see myself painting florals or anything, but that’s not really what I’m drawn to, anyway. I prefer simple, like this (and I’m not sure this is even a watercolor, but you get the idea):
    2. I want to learn to crochet. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve learned the basic stitch (chain? I don’t even remember what it’s called…) only to forget it again and not go any further. I want to make something like this:


    3. Learn calligraphy. I know, I’ve been putting that on every list I’ve made for years. Maybe this will help me out.


    4. I really want to learn to quilt. Not quilt the way I have in the past, but to make actual, beautiful quilts. I much prefer the non-traditional look. Like this:
    5. I want to be able to fix my girls hair. My repertoire of tricks includes braids, ponytails, and the occasional (very) messy bun. I feel sorry for them.
    6. To write a haiku. I love them, a lot. I’m not confident in my ability to learn any form of poetry, though.
    7. I want to make jewelry. Probably not tons of it, but there are a few things I really want to try. Like this:
    8. I’ve always loved photography, and someday, when I finally get my DSLR I want to learn to take lovely photos.
    9. I want to make a perfect cake. Perfection in my mind isn’t super fancy, but looks something like this:
  1. I want to learn how to have pretty nails. Here’s the deal: I’m scared to paint my nails. I’ve always hated nail polish, but really want to try something like this:


So what do you want to learn? Please share so I can add to my mile-long list. 😉

9 thoughts on “Ten Things {I Really Want to Learn}”

  1. I would like to grow vegetables. Why? Because you can’t eat flowers. I was also just thinking today how fun it would be to put some of my table-cloths-on-the-clothesline-pictures…on some stationery. Maybe I’d also like to know how to train a big dog to run beside me on my bike. Hee-haw.

  2. Yeah I want to learn to decorate a cake also. The problem is I make a disaster out of frosting and cake. Hair! I want to learn how to cut hair! I cut my own and love it but I want to go get a license and do other people’s hair! This will sound ridiculous coming from someone that suffers from stage fright, but I would love to eventually do self help type seminars/conferences for teenagers. So I’d need to learn to control my fear of performing in front of other people! This reminds me that I should probably start writing down what I would like to accomplish! Awesome post!

  3. I want to learn to crochet beyond the chain stitch too! I also want to learn calligraphy…let me know if you find a good (read free) tutorial on-line! I want to learn how to garden…at least to keep plants alive & happy:) I want to learn how to organize my paper mess! I wish I was motivated/adventurous to learn how to paint (we’re talking walls, here). I only dream of paint changes I want to make…wish I would just tackle it myself! Floral arranging is another dream of mine. I think that’s it. Thanks for sharing your list!:)

  4. I have a list and some of mine are similar. I joined an on-line haiku group about 10 years ago. They are fun. My university degree is in Fine Art and watercolour my emphasis. This is the best advice I can give on watercolour. Buy 100 sheets of watercolour paper and start painting. Keep them all but plan on all 100 being “throw aways”. Watercolour can easily be overworked and muddy but you ill discover that. There is a dry technique and wet in wet and you will discover that. Feel free to email me when you get started. Marleen

  5. I want to be crafty. Like really bad but can’t much at all. I would love to learn to sew but that I can’t do either. I also would love to bake without getting fat.

  6. I want to learn to sew beautiful things….like quilts or dresses. Also to be a successful gardener. I stink at gardens. I want to learn how to improve my poetry…mad something about home decorating too.

  7. I really want to learn to decorate a cake too! I’ve been working on it, but I really want to learn to free motion quilt a real quilt, too! Thanks for sharing my tree quilt – so glad it inspired you!

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