Ten Things {I’ve Learned From My Husband}

Jerm and I will celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary on the 18th of this month. Here are ten things that I’ve learned/am learning courtesy of my husband.

  • That life is a lot more interesting if you don’t agree about everything.  Jerm and I agree on the really important things…and nothing else.  Makes for a lot of lively conversations.
  • That I don’t always have to be right about everything.  It’s a hard lesson to learn, peoples.
  • To not sweat the small stuff.  I struggle with this, but it’s called small stuff for a reason, right?  Jerm is really good about not getting ruffled over things that don’t matter.  He’s (slowly) teaching me to be the same way.
  • That an accident is just that.  As in, not on purpose.  😉  That seems obvious, but I struggle not to get upset about things that can’t be helped.  Kids spill stuff.  I spill stuff.  All. The. Time.    Jerm’s taught me to just deal with it, clean it up, get over it.  I like that about him.
  • That I absolutey hate, 1000% despise, never-want-to-do-it-again, detest cutting hair.  It’s not my thing.  I do it because it saves us money, but YUCK!
  • To not take myself so seriously.  It’s okay to be laughed at.
  • That life isn’t fair.  You’d think that I would have realized that in the 26 years before I got married, but no.  Don’t worry, though.  I’ve learned it now.
  • That the un-selfish way is best.  Jerm puts the girls and I first…always.
  • All about road rage.  Enough said.
  • Finally, my husband has taught me that I know absolutely nothing about guys.  Men are a strange alien race and beyond comprehension.  The end.

4 thoughts on “Ten Things {I’ve Learned From My Husband}”

  1. it’s kind of amusing how many of these I would have listed, too. Like the spilling thing…..It drives me C.R.A.Z.Y.
    And I absolutely, unequivocally agree with the last item. Where DID they come from, anyway?

  2. …aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddddd now you know why I cut your dad’s hair, and the boys’, and girls, for so many years….I hated it, too. When Angela because the amazingly fantastic hairdresser that she is, I quit.

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