Ten Things {Movies I Love}

I don’t watch movies very often, and kind of like books I don’t know if I have an absolute favorite, but here are my top ten:

The Patriot – because I love America and because it’s awesome.

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Star Wars (the original 3) – because they were our favorite movies when we were kids and some things never change.

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Anne of Green Gables/Anne of Avonlea – because the perfection of the books for once translated into a movie.

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Nacho Libre – Truthfully, I don’t usually go in for the stupid humor, and yes, it’s ridiculous.  But it’s such a FUNNY ridiculous!

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Gladiator – I just love this one.  It very possibly ranks as #1.

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Phantom of the Opera – eek!  Love this!  (Although some of my fondness may be linked to Phil swooping around the house singing the Phantoms lines.)

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Despicable Me – I can’t believe that anything would boot The Incredibles from its spot as my favorite animated film, but Gru managed it.  I quite adore him.

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Conspiracy Theory – because Mel Gibson is the most likable psychopath ever.

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Return to Me – because it’s sweet

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The Kid – because I adore the kid and want to steal him to be my son.

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  1. I am in agreement with most of your movies. 🙂 Nacho Libre…no. Never watched the animated one, so I don’t know…but everyone seems to love it.

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