Ten Things {My Kids Have Taught Me}

Ten things I didn’t know before having kids.  Or didn’t know very well, anyway.

Here goes….

  • I am not a patient person by nature.  Okay, okay, I actually did already know that.  But TRUST ME, having kids has shown me just how incredibly impatient I really am.  It’s sad.
  • I AM a selfish person by nature.  I probably already knew that one, if I was being really honest and all.  But man, it’s so easy to fool yourself into thinking that you’re better than you are.  If you’ve fallen into that trap, just have kids.  It’ll clear things right up.
  • There’s a certain (possibly insane) level of love that you can’t know until you have kids.   True fact.
  • It’s impossible to stay mad at those cute little faces for any length of time.  No matter what they just did….
  • Stuff isn’t really all that important.  Not even that family heirloom that your kid just knocked off the piano.  In the end, it’s just stuff.  (But I do still have to remind myself of this from time to time.)
  • Kids see, hear, and remember EVERYTHING YOU DO/SAY!  And even worse…they copy…and repeat….and REMEMBER!  Yikesabee.
  • As much as I hate to admit it to the world (see #3 about the illogical love thing again), my kids are kind of spoiled and ungrateful.  It makes me realize how good I had it as a kid…with a lot less.
  • True creativity breeds in children.  I wish I had a tenth of Susannah’s creative drive.
  • Kids thing they know everything.  Until you need them to know something, and then they know nothing.
  • As it turns out, I don’t really know anything, either.  Parenting imaginary kids is so. much. easier.


3 thoughts on “Ten Things {My Kids Have Taught Me}”

  1. Hahaha! I say those are the ten things that I COMPLETELY agree with! It is hard being a parent and I tell the boys all the time that they will understand one day when they have kids of their own. You just don’t understand until you have your own kids.

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