Ten Things {That I No Longer Love}

Ever had something that you really loved and then one day you woke up and realized you were completely ambivalent about it?  Or even worse, hated it?

Here’s a list of things I used to love that I no longer like even a little bit.

  • Chili Cheese Fritos – one word.  Gross.   fritos-chili-cheese-01
  • Victoria Secret Pear Glace lotion – I used this every day of my life from about age 16 until…well, the day I realized the smell made me want to puke.  I don’t know why.   vs pear glace
  • Homemade pizza – no matter how hard I try I can’t make a good pizza.  Blech.
  • Secret deodorant.  Actually, any deodorant besides Dove.  Ever since I was pregnant with Madeline my sense of smell has been ridiculous.  I can’t handle the smell of any deodorant other than Dove.   secret
  • Apples.  Okay, this one doesn’t actually apply very well because I adore apples.  For whatever reason though, my stomach doesn’t like them anymore.  I still eat one every so often, but pay for it when I do.  Boo.
image source
image source
  • Fishing.  Ahem.  It’s just not very much fun anymore.   fishing 3
  • Scrapbooking.  I was never any good at this, but I sure did love it.  Or rather, the planning of it, since I never completed even one album for myself.  I haven’t completely given up on the idea, though, because I’m smitten with Project Life.  I have, however, given up on traditional scrapbooking.  Never going to happen.
  • Monkey bread.  As it turns out, it’s just not that good.  🙁    monkey bread
  • Kraft Mac & Cheese – pick your jaws up off the floor, everyone.  I can’t decide if me hating this is a very good thing or a very sad thing.   kraft
  • Star Trek – I seriously shudder at how obsessed I was with this show.  Jerm and I actually slogged through a few seasons recently before I finally made him quit in complete humiliation.  Besides the awful acting and corny story-lines, it basically contains Hollywood’s entire liberal manifesto that they snuck in back before it was cool.  So embarrassing.   images

5 thoughts on “Ten Things {That I No Longer Love}”

  1. wow!!!!!!! Great insight, especially about Star Trek (remember I used to tell you guys it was filled with nothing but humanism and anti God blather?
    A couple recommendations: Mac and Cheese is redeemable if you buy good quality and add a lot of REAL cheese. Fishing is ok if you find a good fishing hole and take a lot of snacks. Your plain wrong about the chili cheese Fritos (but only eat them on rare occasions, so they stay kind of unique). Love you, Dad

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