Ten Things {That Made my Alaska Trip Awesome}

It was so awesome to get to go home to Alaska this summer.  It’s always hard to leave, but after two months I was ready to come home and resume normal life.  The following are a few of the highlights of my summer.

  • Mocha Moose – Dudes, the ice rages in Fairbanks are incomparable.  I haven’t found anything even close anywhere else.  In fact, I haven’t even seen any coffee carts since I moved away.  You’d think out of the twenty-six thousand in North Pole alone, they could send one or two to Dallas.  Needless to say, coffee stands made a decent amount of money off of me this year. Oh, I made converts of the kids, too.  Check out photographic evidence below.  alaska - mocha moose
    Susannah made me a list one Sunday morning - just in case I forgot what was needed (and she added a muffin for good measure)
    Susannah made me a list one Sunday morning – just in case I forgot what was needed (and she added a muffin for good measure)

    alaska - mocha moose 2 alaska - mocha moose 3

  • Fireweed – I missed the wild roses by a few days and didn’t see any lupine, but I was so happy to see the fireweed again.  Also, birch trees.  If I could grow a birch tree in my backyard I would.  alaska - nature 5
  • the Fairbanks fair – You would think that the Dallas fair would be better, but no, definitely not.  It was fun to get to go one more time and see my girls enjoy it, too.  alaska - fair 2 alaska - fair 4 alaska - fair 8 alaska - fair 10 alaska - fair 15 alaska - fair 16 alaska - fair
  • Unexpected visits with friends – there were several old friends that I had a chance to visit with that I had no idea I would get to see.  It was awesome to get to see Noah and his wife, the Lamberts, Ryan, and Thanh Hickman again.  alaska - fair 23 alaska - ryan and phil
  • Friends I planned to see – It was just as fun to see the people I knew would be in Fairbanks.  I was able to take a trip to Denali and visit Larisa, have lunch with Donna, and visit many, many others during the weeks I was there.  alaska - denali 2 alaska - donna alaska - instagram 7 alaska - denali 9
  • Cousins – I always regretted not getting to grow up with cousins around, so it was super fun to see my girls have so much fun with their cousins during our visit.  I desperately wish we all lived closer. And of course, it was super happiness to see the littlest, squishiest cousin of all. alaska - cousins 2 alaska - cousins 3 alaska - cousins 4 alaska - cousins 8 alaska - instagram 8 alaska - abel 3 alaska - abel 15 alaska - abel
  • Getting to see Phil the Pill – I extended my stay to see my brother and his family and although we didn’t get to visit very long, it was so awesome to see them since I didn’t expect to until they came home from Korea.  Yay for brothers; mine are the best. alaska - phil and bek 2 alaska - phil and bek
  • Sisters – No words needed.  I adore my sisters and the time I get to spend with them. Also, I was so happy to finally meet my newest sister-in-law, Shannon.  About time.  alaska - ang alaska - instagram 2 alaska - instagram 4
    Brother-in-laws are okay, too
    Brother-in-laws are okay, too

    alaska - instagram alaska - jenn alaska - sisters 7 alaska - susannah birthday 6

    Especially when they're really weird
    Especially when they’re really weird
  • Getting to visit all the familiar, comforting places that I’ve known and loved for so much of my life.  I took the girls around to see all the places I lived (quite a few, actually) and worked (not as many).  There’s just something about seeing places that remind you of all the good times gone by.
  • Alaska - alaskaland 3 alaska - alaskaland 6 alaska - alaskaland 7
    Farmers Market popcorn guy
    Farmers Market popcorn guy
    alaska - pagoda
    Nothing says “home” quite like Pagoda

    alaska - farmers market alaska - library 2 alaska - reindeer 2 alaska - reindeer alaska - creamers field 12

  • Getting to see all the new – So much has changed since I lived there.  Every person in my family has moved and changed jobs so there was an awful lot of new to process, too. It makes me a little sad, but at least now I can picture them in their new homes and jobs and lives.  alaska - dad alaska - instagram 12


It was amazing, seriously.  I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go back.

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