Ten Things (that Pier One is doing right)

Jeremy took me back to FireWheel this weekend, and in an attempt to console me from the devestation of discovering that my build-a-cupcake place, Dessertapalooza, had closed, allowed me to wander Pier One for as long as I wanted.

He really is a pretty good guy.

So, here are ten things that, if armed with unlimited funds and space, I would have crammed into the back of our HHR.  🙂

#1 – What genius is this?  I feel that if I had this swing all of my troubles would melt away and life would be all songs and roses.  😉


#2 – I’m completely in love with this place setting.  Maybe when the kids are a little older and are over the phase of flinging their dishes into the sink (but, hey, they are putting them in the sink!)

photo (82)

#3 – Ooh….this would make a lovely guest tray. You know, for my nonexistent guest room…
photo (80)

#4 – Peacock Mugs? Again with the genius!
photo (76)

#5 – Oh my word. I could swim in a sea of these pillows. You know. If I could swim.
photo (72)

#6 – Love the colors.

#7 – Again with the white dishes. But even better with the teal bowls!
photo (101)

#8 – These eyelet paper lanterns have been on my to-buy list for a while now. I can find them for less online, or I would have scooped them up.  Take that, instant gratification!
photo (102)

#9 – Hello! A papasan rocker?! Awesome!
photo (71)

#10 – Wooooohoooo! Who knew that Pier One stocked handsome, patient guys? I’ll take him.  And the pillows.
photo (103)

4 thoughts on “Ten Things (that Pier One is doing right)”

  1. I loved the #10.
    I agree about pretty much everything…love love love the teal bowls.
    also your eye for beauty. that’s an overwhelming store when you actually go in. it’s like a vortex that tries to suck you in and you’re lost forever.

  2. Since when did peacocks become an important part of your life? I like most of your choices in the store…especially the handsome, patient one… 🙂

  3. Jeremy’s whipped! (;
    I SO need to visit pier one….thanx for reminding me…..I’m lovin the peacocks too!

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