Ten Things (the list that almost killed me)

Photographs have always been important to me.  I got my first camera when I was ten-ish (a bright pink 110 camera…remember those?) and I’ve been clicking away ever since.

I actually take less pictures now than I ever have before , which is kind of lame, but kids do that to you, I guess.  You have one (a kid, that is) and think, “awesome, now I have a cute kid to snap photos of!”  And then they take up all of your time and you end up with no photos.  I try my best to capture all of the important events and high points and use my iPhone to get a few everyday moments in the mix.

But I used to take tons.  Zillions.  And I realized the other day that I haven’t dusted off my photo albums in years.  How sad is that?!

So I pulled them down off the shelf.  Looking through them made me feel a lot of things: happy, sad, amused, nostalgic.

Here are a few of my thoughts on old photos.

(disclaimer: these are all pre-marriage – I haven’t made a single album since I lived in Alaska.  It’s tragic, I know.)

Some photos are great to keep around just for laughs.  I dare you to not smile at this.

Davy batman

Some remind me that games aren’t just for kids.  Live a little.

Guys Race

Others show that some people and places creep into your heart without you even realizing it.

ninilchik collage

And then there are those that make you realize  you weren’t half as cool as you thought you were (especially if you grew up in the 80’s).  What is up with that three-sizes-too-big shirt?!

Amanda and Bek

A few tell me that it’s good to visit other countries…it will help you understand that not everyone has what you have.  Also, that you don’t have everything (those bananas were to die for!), either.

brazil collage

Some photos make you realize that friendships that you thought would last forever, don’t always. Humphreys


…but some do.

Amber and Bek

A lot of photos remind me of who my very best friends are (well, not counting Jerm and the girls).

Family Collage

And finally, a few tell me that you never know when your life is about to change.


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    1. The only thing that could have made it more awesome was if you’d passed out…which technically almost happened.

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