Trying New Things: Day 10



Day 10: Homemade Donuts

Oops, I forgot to publish this post on time.  It’s technically past midnight, but I’m going to count it anyway since I’m still up.  We had company tonight and I just forgot to get it done earlier.

So I’ve never made donuts and didn’t know if they would be worth the hassle or not.  We’re not super big donut eaters around here.  The girls love them, but we rarely buy them so they’re kind of a special treat when they do have them.  I remember liking the old-fashioned cake donuts as a kid and they seemed like the least labor intensive variety to make so I followed this recipe and gave it a go this afternoon.

photo (8) photo 1 photo 4

The verdict: they’re pretty good, but extremely heavy and dense, so eating one just about kills you.  And now we have a ton of donuts left over that I’m not really sure what to do with.  I doubt they’ll taste great after a day or so.  I personally wasn’t wildly impressed with them, but they’re moist and dense and sweet, so if you’re a cake donut lover they would probably make you very happy.  Just not totally sure they’re worth all the fuss and effort…it’d be a lot easier to just go pay the dollar at the shop down the road.

Have you ever made donuts?  Were they worth the hassle?  I’m considering giving a cream-filled variety or maybe apple fritters a try at some point.

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3 thoughts on “Trying New Things: Day 10”

  1. We love doughnuts. My kids get them pretty often, just so I can have one or two. LOL I have never made them, but back on Memorial Day when we were camping, our neighbor at the campground made some glazed ones and shared with us. Sooo good, sooooo easy, but fried. Not healthy at all, but when we are camping we don’t really care! LOL She said she just took the cheapest canned biscuits she could find, poked a hole and fried them till golden brown. Then added her frosting (I think it was just a stove top melted powder sugar and milk mixture). Anyway. We loved them.

  2. You know what, I can scroll right past leggings made out of old sweaters and stencils, but I can’t get past this. I think I’m going to try them. I like heavy and dense donuts…….with a cup of coffee and an Autumn magazine. (this would be me dreaming)

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