Trying New Things: Day 11


Day 11: Stencil Mask

So way back before they started carrying their products in Michaels, back when they only offered one or two designs, I discovered Hazel & Ruby  and I JUST KNEW that their stencil masks were going to change my world.  My life would never be the same.  I had to have them.  But they were about to release a bunch of new letter designs so I convinced myself to wait…and then they finally released them and soon after that Michaels started carrying them and I finally, FINALLY got me some of those fabulous stencils.

…..and then they sat on my shelf for 8 months collecting dust.  No lie. (I even posted about them back in May.)

So I told my lame-o self that using them was an absolute must this month. So I dug them out and attempted to make my sadly bare walls some new art.

photo 3

Obstacle #1: the stencils didn’t really want to stick to the canvas.  Hmmm…did some research and it looks like they probably work better on wood or canvas covered with paper or something.  I thought maybe a painted surface would work better, but didn’t really want to do that so I tried a layer of Mod Podge first.

photo 4 (2)

It was a little better, although they still didn’t stick as well as I liked/expected. I decided to go for it and laid out my design.

photo 1 (3)

Obstacle #2: The last word wouldn’t fit on my canvas. Luckily, I had several different designs (see rant about obsession listed above), so although it wasn’t my first choice, I decided to mix the lettering up a little.  The jury is still out on whether I’m going to be happy with that decision.

Moving forward, I started applying the paint. The idea is to paint directly over the mask, which sounds easy in theory, and looks easy on the instructional videos, but wasn’t quite as easy in real life (due to the non-sticking letters; see above).

photo 2 (3)

Obstacle #3: After painting my entire canvas I realized that I probably should have gone in sections, removing the stencils after each word was covered.  They started drying so when I went to peel the letters up they were peeling paint with them. (Insert frustrated shriek at this point.)

photo 3 (2)

Obstacle #4: Turns out the non-sticking thing allowed paint to seep under the letters.  Go figure.

photo 4 (3)

Verdict: My super awesome, amazing, life-changing stencil masks weren’t quite the game changer I imagined them to be.  Although on wood or some sort of treated canvas, maybe.

That said, I don’t think the canvases are a totally lost cause.  I’m going to try to salvage them with paint pens, but I haven’t had a chance to completely finish them yet.  I’ll try to post an update when I do.

Anybody else had any luck with stencil masks?  Even after all the trouble, I still found myself standing in front of the display at Michaels today, wondering if I should buy another.  Ahem.

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4 thoughts on “Trying New Things: Day 11”

  1. Rebekah, I kinda like the way they look, not all pristine and proper!! Would love to see a full shot of the finished canvas though. Thanks for sharing and carry on !:)

    1. It’s lyrics from a hymn (bind my wandering heart to thee). If/when I get it fixed I’ll try to post an update.

  2. I agree with KK. I would like to see a full shot. I think that some imperfection has a bit of beauty to it also. I like it so far!

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