Trying New Things: Day 17


Day 17: Cooking Meat on a Grill

Another truth about myself: I’m not particularly skillful when it comes to cooking meat.  I’m okay with putting meat into dishes, but don’t know the first thing about cooking meat by itself. (Although I’ve successfully cooked a decent turkey a few times.)

I decided I needed to learn to grill, which I usually always leave up to Jerm.  What is it about guys and grilling, anyway?

So Jerm showed me how to get a fire started (he refuses to use charcoal, which would probably be ten times easier) in the old grill tonight.  You’d think being a former Alaskan and all would mean I could start a fire pretty easily..not so much.  Apparently I’ve lost that skill along the way.

But after the fire was successfully roaring the rest was pretty easy.

photo 3 (2)

I’ll probably leave the grilling up to Jerm from now on, but at least now I more or less know how to do it if I need to. Go me.

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  1. Funny thing about grilling, Jared is really bad at it. Burns everything or brings it in raw. So I am the master griller at our home. I use propane however. I am a cheater.

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