Trying New Things: Day 18


Day 18: Follow a Cleaning Schedule

Totally boring topic today, but I desperately needed a cleaning schedule to follow.  I printed this particular checklist off a year or two ago and have searched high and low for the original source to credit, but I don’t think it’s available any longer.  (The website listed on the bottom is no longer valid.)

photo 2 (3)


I laminated this bad boy, use a dry erase marker, and start over again each week.  (Technically I used this for a while earlier in the year, so this is kind of a cheat.) So far I’ve followed the list pretty well this month.  It works for us, which is awesome.  End of boring post.

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    1. I will try harder to find the link so you can get your own copy. I’m not even sure if I saved a copy on my computer.

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