Trying New Things: Day 2


Day 2: Read a book in a new genre

Okay, guys, I know I’m already a day behind here, but our power went out yesterday afternoon and was off for almost 24 hours, so I feel I have a justifiable reason for being late. I had something else planned for yesterday, but with no power there just wasn’t much happening around here other than lighting candles and laying around wishing the air conditioning worked.  I wasn’t planning on posting about the new book until I’d actually read it, but I started it yesterday so I’ll probably just do a little update when I finish it.

I decided to pick a fantasy novel because I’ve always turned my nose up at that kind of book for some reason.  I have no real reason to snub this particular genre, either.  Just pure snobbishness, I guess.

Since I know absolutely nothing about what’s what I turned to good old Google for recommendations.  I found a list of the top recommended fantasy novels and picked the book that was ranked #1.

photo (6)

Strangely, it was shelved in the sci-fi section at the library, so I’m not really sure what category it truly falls under.  I’m pretty unfamiliar with both genres, though, so I’m probably safe either way.  Fingers crossed that this is something I can get through this month.  I’ll update with my thoughts later.

And I’ll (hopefully) be back with my Day 3 topic later tonight.  If not, I’ll catch up for sure tomorrow.

Any fantasy readers out there?  What would you suggest for a newbie to that genre?

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3 thoughts on “Trying New Things: Day 2”

  1. I think my husband has read that book and everything else with a sword on the front. I don’t think I’d make it through that book. I don’t read much fantasy myself but I do like this series. I started reading it with Riley when he was little. We read book 1 & 2 I think it was and then the guy didn’t write the next one for a very long time. Riley grew up. One day I saw he finally wrote the next one and ordered it for Riley as a Christmas gift but he never read it. I still have it and haven’t read it either but I will. It was so good that we were both hanging on every word and couldn’t wait for the next chapter. We could have these long discussions about what something would have been like to see…. or what would you have done? I have been thinking about ordering the first two books in hard back to keep in my library. I loaned out the other book I had which was both books in one and never got it back. Oh, and what about Fablehaven? Have you read that series? Have you read Harry Potter? I just read the first book (by myself lol) I read it the first time when Jared was 4 and he read every other line. I never finished the series though because he started reading on his own when he got the third book so I never read it.

    1. What series did you read with Riley? I’m beginning to think that I chose poorly and may have to find another option. I may try Here there be dragons again. I checked it out once and never got to it, but I’ve heard good things about it.

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