Trying New Things: Day 3


Day Three: Makeup Organization

A sad truth: I’ve put very little effort into my bedroom and bathroom since we’ve lived in this house.  I always find myself focusing on other parts of the house for some reason, so I still have bare walls and zero pretty things happening in the master bed/bath area. Sad, I know.

For the past few years I’ve had all my makeup, hair supplies, and jewelry jumbled together in an over-the-door organizer in my bathroom.  It’s a giant mess and things are forever falling out of it when the door gets bumped, so I decided it was time to figure something else out.

I have a tiny sink and counter to work with so I found a couple of bowls and small plates at a thrift store and made myself a tiered organizer for my makeup, bobby pins, and non-dangly earrings. (I still have this earring organizer on my wall for my dangly earrings.)

Makeup Organization 1

The plates and bowl cost me a total of $1 and I had two Dollar Tree candlesticks already on hand.  A  few hours and a little E6000 glue later…

Makeup Organization 2


Makeup Organization 3

I would have liked to use bigger plates and put the bowl on top, but it wouldn’t fit on my counter.

Makeup Organization 4

I’m not sure this will be a permanent solution, but it’ll work until I figure something else out and will allow me to get rid of the super annoying door organizer. I have a few other makeup items but  rarely stray from using the same old things so I put everything else into a makeup bag under my sink.

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