Trying New Things: Day 30


Day 30: Failure

Actually, failing isn’t a new thing for me.  I knew at the onset of this final week that I was going to have a hard time catching up, because everything left on my list was time-consuming or required me to go hunting for items (I wanted to put together an outfit based on something from my Pinterest boards) and with a sick kid, a bunch of church things happening, and school, most of it didn’t happen.

I have, however, been working on a big project that I am HOPING to finish up tomorrow so I won’t end the month on a total fail. Fingers crossed, but tomorrow’s going to be a busy day so it may not happen.  I was thinking that since there are several things on my list I didn’t get around to that maybe I’ll work in the things I missed as time allows.  Because seriously, I need to learn to use the serger that was given to me and every time I tried to pull it out this month I got overwhelmed with something else. And that’s just not cool.

So for today, a quick update on a few of the ongoing things I started earlier in the month. First up, the book I started way back on day two of this crazy challenge.  You may remember that I randomly chose A Game of Thrones since I’m pretty clueless when it comes to fantasy novels, but after a few people mentioned that I probably wouldn’t like it I switched over to Here, There Be Dragons. I’m about 7/8 of the way through, read entirely on my grandmas exercise bike last week.  It’s an easy read and interesting enough, but to be completely honest, I don’t have much motivation to finish it. Turns out that fantasy just isn’t my genre.

The cleaning schedule was going really well up until this week.  I’ve barely given it a thought since I’ve been home so I need to make an effort to get back to working on the scheduled daily tasks.

And the happy mail project went off without a hitch.  At least something did, right?

Send some positive thoughts my way that I’ll get my last project finished tomorrow!

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