Trying New Things: Day 5


Day 5: Mother/Daughter Journal

mother daughter journal

This one has been on my list ever since I first had kids and Susannah is writing and spelling well enough now to start.  I wrote the first letter to her today and she’s already plotting what to write me back.  I hope keeping a journal together will become a long-standing tradition. (Oh, and Mad is already wildly jealous, so as soon as she’s writing well I’ll be starting one for her.)

mother daughter journal 2


I used a regular composition notebook and added some washi tape to dress it up a bit. My little Fancy Nancy loves it.

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  1. I did this with Riley for a while. He never wrote much but he often drew pictures in there for me or wrote a few silly words. Riley is more of a late night chatter. He will sit out here for hours and just talk to me about random things. I hope the journal works better with the girls since they usually enjoy writing more.

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