Trying New Things: Day 8


Day 8: Start an Art Journal

Seriously, this has been on my list for so long that I’m kind of ashamed of myself for not getting around to it sooner.  I had no idea which direction to go with this one, so I decided to have the girls do it along with me as an art course. We’re using the following list of prompts, courtesy of Tinkerlab.


For now we’re picking one prompt and working for 15-20 minutes once or twice a week.

Here’s our interpretations of white on black.

photo 4

Susannah’s is the top, Madeline’s on the left, and mine is on the right.  I hoped to have several pages completed before I got to this topic, but no such luck. I may include future pages in our weekly reviews.

photo 2


Whatever. It was a hard topic.

Any art journalists out there?  If so, do you prefer following prompts or working with no particular theme in mind?

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2 thoughts on “Trying New Things: Day 8”

  1. Love it. Very cool. I don’t do anything like this. I really need to find a hobby to do. I am at work alot with nothing to do and all alone. It is the prefect place to accomplish alot. Thinking seriously about some college courses since I get 3 free ones per year.

    1. I would so be all over that! I know I’m a total nerd but I adored college. You should find some fun classes to take.
      And definitely find a hobby you like…it can be a big stress reliever if it’s something you really like to do.

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