Trying New Things: Day 9


Day 9: Make my own floor cleaner

This is another one of those things that I keep saying I’ll get around to, and then just end up buying Swiffer refills over and over.  I adore my new darker flooring, but good grief, does it ever show the dirt. We have to sweep multiple times a day to keep it looking decent. (Thankfully I have plenty of child labor available.)
Since I only own a Swiffer mop I still ended up using one of the wet wipes, but I was able to do my entire house without changing it out.  I was pretty impressed with the results of this formula, although the kids ran through while the floor was wet so I have a ton of footprints showing up.  Such is life with kids, though.

DIY Floor Cleaner INgredient List

DIY Floor Cleaner
(modified from this recipe)

1 Gallon of hot water
1/4 cup washing powder
1 TBSP dish soap
1/3 cup white vinegar

DIY Floor Cleaner


Once everything has dissolved, go for it.  It left my house smelling really nice, too.

DIY Floor Cleaner 1


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4 thoughts on “Trying New Things: Day 9”

  1. Your floors are beautiful! I wanted maple flooring but couldn’t afford it. I grew up in a house with dark brown carpet and walnut paneling, low ceilings and not enough windows or lighting so I don’t want anything dark brown in my house. One of these days I’ll get new floors. My tan carpet is getting gross.

  2. Gorgeous! Love the floors and they look clean to me. My mom has honey oak flooring. We love it. This coming year it is on our project list to do hard wood!

  3. I make my own cleaners! I make my own cleaners! I love mixing up the potion inside a spray/spritz bottle! I started doing this for a shower cleaner that wouldn’t put me in the E.R……and now I have recipes for different cleaners. I do use some Mrs. Meyer’s, (my favorite is radish) but when that’s all gone, I’ll stick with my home-made stuff!!!!! LOVE them.

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