Tuesday Letter

Dear Texas, if it’s 80 degrees in February, I think I’ll start packing my bags now. Dear Madeline, I’m really sorry about your nose, but at least now we know that swinging like a monkey from sisters little desk isn’t a great idea. Dear Susannah, next time Madeline almost breaks her nose please try to remember that your horrified, dramatic exclamations about the amount of blood and gore probably aren’t going to help the situation much. Dear 2012, you’ve been nothing but one long string of disappointments so far. Can we call a truce, already? Dear grandma and Jeremy, I hope neither of you are all that interested in holding tiny babies this weekend…

P.S. Susannah can’t wait to see her beloved great-grandma-Fries-uh-ner! (And every time she does she picks up another of her quirks – it’s adorable.)

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Letter”

  1. Sounds like it’s gonna be a hot one for you this coming summer. Hang in there. Also about the nose, been there!

    Love ya~

  2. awwwww….my little Madeline! give Rebekah Tiny a kiss for her Grammie, K?
    And puuuulllleeeeeaaaaaseeee, fill us in on the quirks that Susannah picks up! 🙂 I just smiled at a pic of Susannah and Gramma Frie-suh-ner at the organ, singing and playing their little hearts out. 🙂

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