Tuesday Letter

Dear quiet weekend of solitude, you and I should meet again sometime. Maybe without all the snacks next time, k? Dear diet, I’m sorry about all the snacks. Dear food, why the new-found love affair now that I can’t afford to eat? Losing weight was so much simpler when I cared about you only for survival purposes instead of dreaming about you all day.  Dear Susannah, of COURSE I took care of Bear-Bear while you were away.  He slept a lot, though (thankfully).   Dear Dallas court systems, THANK YOU for excusing me from jury duty. Although I would love to serve on a jury someday, this month is already packed full of activities/appointments/events. Plus I was stressing about the whole creepy parking garage thing. Lame, I know, but true. Dear husband, just because I have scrawny chicken arms doesn’t mean I can’t punch. You should seem do Jillian. It’s very scary intimidating humiliating impressive.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Letter”

  1. Yea for getting excused from jury duty. Mine starts in April…grand jury. I am not too excited about the parking garage either, although it isn’t nearly as scary as where you live. 🙂
    Quiet time is amazing. I don’t know if I ever had that opportunity.

      1. No, thankfully! It is in Frbks, and if chosen, I will have to go every Wednesday and Thursday (and possibly some Fridays) in April.
        If not chosen, I will be an alternate, and may be called in.

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