Tuesday Letter

Dear Susannah, you’re seriously hilarious when you sing “mother knows best” in that creepy old lady voice.  Dear self, guess what, it’s the birthday season again.  Hello, stress.  Dear husband, it’s going to be so nice to get away with you for a few days.  Can’t wait.  Dear orange blossoms, you smell amazing!  Lame that it took me a whole day to figure out what was smelling up my house, but still, amazing.  Dear husband, who would’ve thought that you were an expert Rapunzel-hair maker?  Huh.  Dear month of fairy tales, we’ve sure had fun together.  The girls and I will miss you.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Letter”

  1. Mother knows best is that from tangled? I wanna hear Susannah sing it(: she too funny(: I pretty much fell in love with her all over again while I was thrre

    1. Yeah, but I actually got the song wrong. She sings the song that the old lady sang to the flower. It’s pretty funny.

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