Tuesday Letter

Dear Madeline, no, the HHR (aka “Car Trouble”) does not have a Corvette motor in it. Nope, not even a “little, tiny” one. How did you become such a know-it-all so fast? Dear Susannah, even your ponytails have attitude. When you’re mad or upset, it shows everywhere. Dear husband, you and John E. are a bad combination. Very bad. Dear Susannah, you’re the cutest little helper ever. I just love you. Dear orange tree, your blossoms smell amazing. They should after I risked life and limb to save you from the hail storm.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Letter”

  1. wish I could watch and hear your girls from a little corner. 🙂 I’d love to hear them chatter about stuff like “corvette motors”. ♥

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