Tuesday Letter

Dear Madeline, yes, you ARE going to be grounded from scissors for the rest of your life.  That’s what happens when you cut your own hair.  Dear Susannah, I know you think daddy knows everything, but I think he was a little offended when you asked him what hell was like when he went there.  Dear Brent, thank you SO MUCH for providing my cell number to twenty different re-finance companies.  I really appreciate that.  Dear self, when you shock the librarians with the number of books you’re checking out, it’s probably a sign that you have a problem.  Especially when you don’t mention that you just came from the other branch and have twice as many sitting in the car….


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Letter”

    1. I didn’t want to overwhelm people or make them insanely jealous so I left that part out.

    1. Same one, mom. We’re just still talking about how long she’s grounded from scissors. (FOREVER.)

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