Tuesday Letter

Dear Tuesday, you come around awfully quick every week.  Dear Susannah, I think you’ve nailed down the perfect profession – money sampling.  You little genius, if only I had thought of it first…  Dear Madeline, if you’re going to scream LIKE THAT in the middle of the night, there better be someone murdering you.  No more of this “I don’t know why I was screaming” after you’ve taken five years off my life.  I can no longer afford five years.  Dear apple, thank you so much for loosening not one, but BOTH of Susannah’s front teeth.  Now we have that to look forward to.  Dear Vichy serum, I think I love you.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Letter”

  1. Oh, how I agree with how fast Tuesdays roll around! I can’t keep track!

    BOTH front teeth??? 🙂

    If I heard a scream like Mad’s, I would probably have heart failure.

    1. It’s the face serum I received through Crowdtap. My skin dried up really badly after I came home so it’s really helped a lot – perfect timing! I’ll stick some samples in your box, which seriously has GOT TO GET MAILED soon. The clothing company contacted me about reviewing one of their dresses (which I’ll be posting soon).

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