Tuesday Letter

Dear grocery store on Martin Luther King Day, no offense, but never happening again. No.  Never. Dear Madeline, what made you think “HI-YAH” – ing the church door open was a good idea?  It was hilarious, but don’t do it again. Dear Mesquite library, thanks so much for not believing me when I promised the book was defaced when we checked it out. You know, the one that was full of handwriting that was clearly not my kids, but you made me pay $24 for anyway. Also, the condescending attitude made it even better. Thanks a lot. You guys rock.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Letter”

    1. Well, it definitely hasn’t changed. There’s nobody friendly there. I ADORE my Seagoville librarians, but sadly they’re so small that I’m pretty much forced to use the Mesquite branches for school. We check out at least 40-50 books every few weeks so I’m not sure how to get around using them. 🙁

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