Tuesday Letter

Dear Susannah and Madeline, since my goal in life is not to be publicly viewed as a redneck family, please refrain from loudly singing Louisiana Saturday Nights in the checkout lane. Especially when accompanied by foot stomping, clapping, and very hick accents. Dear sugar-infused recipes, oh how I am missing you. I can see that my days are going to be filled with finding that perfect dessert recipe for my cheat day. Also with counting down until that day. Dear Charlie Brown Christmas DVD, as adorable as you are, I think my kids have managed to kill the appeal with their endless quoting of the entire script. And their rendition of Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Glory to the news morning. And it just gets worse from there. Dear husband, are you SURE having a miniature orange tree in our house is a bad idea? How about a lemon? Or even a lime?

13 thoughts on “Tuesday Letter”

  1. Let me just say, my aunt has a lemon tree and LOVES it. Fresh lemons for tea everyday. How can that be a bad thing?

    And if seeming REDNECK is your biggest concern right now, I think your doing great as a mother! We are a red-neck family and love it. Oh by the way, love that song.

    Love you!

    1. Jeremy (and apparently the girls) love that song, too. Sing it all the time.
      I love a great many rednecks, including my husband. I guess I just lived in the north too long to want to be classified as one. Or maybe I’m just a snob. 😉

  2. The redneck kids will destroy the tree. Susannah just stares at the nectarine tree already; constantly asking about how to get the nectarines to come out (she thinks they are trapped inside the trunk.)

    P.S. Heathers right.

    P.P.S *Well ya get down the fiddle and ya get down the bow, kick of yer shoes and ya throw em in the floor……*

  3. Personally…..I’m ALL for a redneck family…..especially since we LOOK the part here in Washington. Secondly….I’m ALL for getting a citrus tree of any kind. Thirdly, THEY will never stop singing the songs that bug you……..I know from experience!

  4. Jeremy cannot escape his redneck roots, (although he has never tried) his Dad is pretty redneck, he grew up with the Epperson boys, he has an Uncle that lives in east Texas for crying out loud.
    Unfortunately you cannot keep some things from being passed on to your children, but when your kids sing Louisiana Saturday Night in the checkout lane in Seagoville Texas it is not a cause for embarrassment, for most parents it would be their proudest moment. Especially if it was the checkout lane at Wal Mart.

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