Tuesday Letter

Dear gigantic thunderstorm, you were INSANE! The wind was blowing so hard I seriously didn’t know if we could make it to the car. Dear Jerm, you probably should have known that asking the girls what they wanted for their next house was going to produce some interesting answers. I love that Susannah stayed practical and asked for a bathroom while Madeline went big and asked for a castle with a pool and a hot tub. Dear Susannah, you’re the jumpiest kid ever. Luckily, you have great reflexes too, so when you were running full speed and almost stepped on a dead fish you were able to leap ten feet in the air and avoid it.  Screaming all the way, of course.  You’re such an awesome kid. Dear Madeline, when I asked when you’d gotten so big I wasn’t expecting for you to answer.  But now I know that it was on January 5th.  Nice one.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Letter”

  1. I think your girls sound amazing. Fun! Witty and charming. Harley really wants to meet them. I am trying so hard to make that happen.

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