Tuesday Letter

Dear Susannah, since it’s still August, NO, we cannot start making Christmas wishlists yet. Also, it’s not normal for a 9-year-old to want a label-maker, but it doesn’t really surprise me, either. Dear Dogbert (AKA Blossom), congratulations, you’ve learned to jump the fence now. Nice way to improve your reign of terror. Dear whoever posted that creepy video on Facebook about the guy catching the giant spider (that probably wasn’t even real), thanks a lot. I hid it from my feed as soon as I saw it, but I’ve still had awful dreams about it all week. Good one. Dear everyone, where’s your favorite place to find curtains and area rugs? I need both now that I’ve finally decided to get rid of the stupid sheer curtains that I despise. I mean, it’s only been ten years. Go me.


One thought on “Tuesday Letter”

  1. Curtains at Garland Road Thrift a couple of blocks east of Buckner. No idea about area rugs. The last new curtains I bought were from Lowe’s on Galloway Avenue.

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