Tuesday Letter

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Dear self, how can it be this hard of a decision to pick out curtains? You’ve had almost eleven years to think about it now. It’s time. Dear Madeline, I’ve asked you almost every day for two years now what an action verb is. If you tell me it’s a dog one more time I’m going to lose my mind. YOU KNOW WHAT AN ACTION VERB IS! I KNOW YOU KNOW IT ISN’T A DOG! Dear Blossom, I feel very sorry for you now that we’ve discovered that they make hats for dogs.This week you’re a cowboy, next week you’ll be a pirate. The possibilities are endless. Poor Blossom. Dear hip, you are not 100 years old. You are not even 50 years old. You don’t have my permission to hurt like you are. Dear self (again), awesome job on finishing strong on the Blog-tember Challenge. No, seriously, you should be proud of yourself. Dear Netflix and/or Amazon Prime, when are you going to add season 3 of When Calls the Heart?! I need my sappy fix, pronto.


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