Tuesday Letter(!!!)


Dear 100 degree weather, I want to break up with you. Also, it’s not me, it’s you (name that reference!). Dear house projects, I also want to break up with you. It’s hard being the size of a hippo and trying to squeeze around all the furniture crammed into our tiny dining room. (But dear tile, I love you and I know you will be worth it when all of the pain and suffering are over.) Dear old AC unit, thank you so much for giving out at the end of July when our entire house is torn apart and all the projects are half-finished and we still have to keep painting and pouring concrete and stuff anyway. You’re the best. Dear new AC unit, I love you and I’m so grateful that you were able to be put in so quickly. Dear Oliver, I can’t wait to meet you and I love you already. But if you could keep from sticking your feet in places that hurt it would be awesome. Dear Jerm, thank you for driving me all the way across Oklahoma to go to a store and restaurant that you have zero interest in. You’re seriously the best. Dear self, stop being such a whiner. Your life is goooood. (Name that reference!)

One thought on “Tuesday Letter(!!!)”

  1. the last reference is NAAACHOOOOO! 😀 I didn’t know your AC died…….im glad you have it fixed, but still…..gwoss. I hope the tile fixes the floor issues once and for alllllll!!!!

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