Tuesday Letter

Dear self, next time you randomly decide to roll up the passenger side window, make sure Jeremy has his hands inside the car. Dear everyone I know, I’m very sorry that you all have the plague. But please don’t share it with me. I’d like to pass this time around. Dear Picnik, I’m mad at you for shutting down. {pout} Dear Susannah, it makes me feel like a bad mom for even noticing this, but you are SO much easier to live with when you don’t feel good. But I miss your dancing. Dear peonies, maybe you missed the memo, but it is WINTER. Stop sprouting! Dear self, next time you want to go to Hobby Lobby, don’t take the husband. He’ll use your 40% off coupon on a slot car track. Dear husband, sorry about the fingers…

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Letter”

  1. Lol – love this letter. It’s my 1st time at your blog – and I have to say … I’m sorry for sharing my plague with the world. Even know, I’m hacking up a lung and passing it on to my students, other teachers, random people walking by me … sorry all (but maybe not as sorry as I should be).

  2. Did you know that the name “somewhere in the middle” is not all that unique. You type it into Google….and about 1000 people have a blog named that. It’s call plagerism sp? If you ask me.

    Anyway, this is my official comment, as requested or demanded….I forget which.

    What a horrible thing to say about a sick daughter 😉

    end of comment

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