Tuesday Letter (the late-ish edition)

Dear Madeline, just because a tree is dead does not mean that it’s poisonous.  Thanks for telling us that like you know, though.  Dear Jerm, the mommy song you made up with the girls is adorable.  It’s even funnier when you conduct with your socks.  Dear cold, you picked a bad week.  You should know that sickness during birthday-prep week is off-limits.  Dear Susannah, daddy was very offended when you told him that his “skirt was soooo handsome.”  Even though you used your super-sweet, two-octaves-higher-than-normal voice that you save for when you’re being especially nice.  He wants you to know that they were shorts, NOT a skirt.  I’ll repeat it again for good measure.  Daddy doesn’t wear skirts.  😉

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Letter (the late-ish edition)”

  1. hehehehehe! I want to compliment Jeremy on his lovely skirt, too. And I would love to hear the Mommy song…

    Alisa just commented on your “giant big cupcake” that you’re holding in your profile picture. She wanted to know why you were also eating a carrot. I put her mind at ease by pointing out that it was just your thumb.

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