Tuesday Letter (the Madeline and Jeremy edition)

Dear 2013, I welcome you with open arms and a belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly (that I’d love for you to take with you leave). Dear Madeline, the proper response when your dad asks you a question is NOT “don’t worry about it.” Dear Madeline (again), please never again tell me that “being bad is easy but being good is soooo hard.”  Because it’s impossible not to laugh at that no matter how serious the moment. Dear husband, I know you think I bought you girls cologne on purpose, but I promise that it was an accident. I’m also sorry that you wore it work for a week before you discovered that it was in fact, women’s and not mens. Dear husband (again), while every other house in the world was listening to Christmas music on December 25th, you just have to blaze your own trails, right? No really, I think the Eagles on Christmas morning is very appropriate. For our household at least. Dear Madeline (yet again), thank you so much for rushing me an ear slob the other day to clean your ears. {snicker} Dear husband (for the last time), PLEASE enough of the princess and the pea story! It really isn’t that funny to hear how the princess felt the pea – not pee – through the twenty mattresses. Seriously. Dear Madeline, you kill me, kid. How many other 3-year-olds say “twust me” to their parents? I’ll keep you.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Letter (the Madeline and Jeremy edition)”

  1. LOL. This is soooo funny. Your life sounds so similar to mine. I have a Preacher for a husband and love nothing more than to see him shake it to Funky Town on the Kinex. So we have fun and crazy guys. Weird? No,,,, Blessed. Life is full of laughter at our homes.

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