TwirlyGirl Petal Dress Review

If you know my girls at all (or have heard me talk about them), then I’m sure you know about their obsession with all things fancy.  Especially dresses and skirts.  These girls literally cry when I make them wear a pair of jeans, no joke.  So when TwirlyGirl  offered to send one of their dresses for us to try out we jumped at the chance.  Because, hello, TwirlyGirl?  Just the name made my girls jump (and twirl) for joy!  We immediately checked out their website where Madeline fell in love with the toddler flower girl dresses like these.



We weren’t sure which dress we would end up with, so while we waited we had fun picking out our favorites and the girls spent a good amount of time building their dream wardrobes from the selection of girls flower girl dresses and super twirly skirts.

Susannah’s favorites were every color imaginable of the unique flower girl dresses like these:

image (2)

How cute is that?!  I loved this style as well, but my favorite was the Petal Dress, which was similar to the one Madeline originally picked, except pink, which has become a major weakness of mine.  There’s just something about little girls in pink.  Am I right?

So I was super happy when our package arrived and it was the Petal dress in Madeline’s size.  She was beyond thrilled to try it out and I’ve barely been able to pry it off of her since it arrived.  This darling toddler flower girl dress made her whole week….and she’s been twirling nonstop ever since she put it on.


Watch out for the wall....twirling makes us dizzy.
Watch out for the wall….twirling makes us dizzy!

Like I said, the only struggle I’ve had with this experience is getting the dress OFF of her…she was heartbroken when I finally insisted on washing it and asked what she would wear while it was in the laundry.  So from the her standpoint I would definitely call this dress a WIN.  Susannah’s been quite jealous of all the twirling happening without her so I’m pretty sure that she would be just as attached if we’d received one in her size.

I’m really impressed with the quality of the fabric and craftsmanship; these dresses are obviously a labor of love and the story of how the company started is so sweet.  Many of their dresses and skirts are reversible, which my girls think is super awesome (twice the amount of time before washing!).  My favorite thing about these dresses, hands down is that they’re pretty and fancy enough to be used for flower girl dresses (or other formal settings), but they’re actually comfortable and wearable at the same time.  Susannah is wildly picky not only about how her clothes look (must be fancy), but also about how they feel.  I’m still a little bitter about the (very) expensive dress we bought her last Easter that she wore for about two hours before deeming it too uncomfortable to ever touch again.

TwirlyGirl dresses are actually livable, you know?   They’re great for any occasion, from formal dress-up days, to normal twirling kind of days….which seriously, is just about every day that ends in “Y” around here.


If you need a toddler flower girl dress or just have a fancy little girl who loves fashion and twirling, be sure to visit TwirlyGirl and view all of their unique and adorable products.  They’ve even provided a discount code that’s good through 5/1/2014 for Somewhere in the Middle readers.  Just enter MidTG at checkout and you’ll receive 15% off your entire order!  (Does not apply to sale items, gift certificates or Design your own dress feature.)

**I received product and/or compensation in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.**


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  1. Awww, super cute ! If I had a girl she would be wearing cutesy things too. When did Mad get her hair cut? It’s super cute! I am sure you posted about it but I don’t remember! 😉

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