Valentines Day 2014

Hope you all had as nice of a Valentines Day as we did.

Ours was slow and quiet (as quiet as it gets with kids, anyway).  Jerm was home sick, I spent the morning fighting with my sewing machine, only to discover that I’ve NEVER known how to properly thread my bobbin (here’s hoping for many less headaches in the future), and the girls called grammie, made Valentines, and twirled in their new skirts.

Walmart gave me a half-dead, but still pretty rose.  Nice of them, right?  Especially after all the trips I made there the last couple of days while trying to figure out what was wrong with me my machine. Thank you, Walmart.


This girl lives for dancing and twirling in fancy skirts.

I love having girls.



Can you tell that Mad was obsessed with the heart props? She insisted on having them in almost every photo.

I adore monster stuff.

We delivered cupcakes and Valentines to grandma/pa and cousins after dinner. We had fun surprising them.
Sweet little treats for my little sweeties.
Sigh. I love Valentines Day. I’m sad that it’s over and gone for another year.

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  1. Every time I read a post it just makes me wish we lived that much closer. I would love for our girls to grow up together, as I think they would be bosom buddies for life. Sorta like us!

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