We did it! (End of school photos)

So since we are doing year-round schooling, we aren’t going to have a normal summer break, but we’ll be off for the next five weeks or so.  When we get back home we will have a few weeks left to finish up all the loose ends and do some review before jumping into the next year of schooling.

Since this will be our summer break we took a few photos to celebrate the (sort of) end of kindergarten and first grade.

susannah school 4edit susannah school edit susannah school 2 edit mad school edit mad school 7edit2 mad school 3 edit 2

They did well this year.  I’ve learned that homeschooling isn’t an easy thing; it’s hard work and requires more patience than I naturally possess.  But it’s also rewarding and fun.  I’m proud of my girls.

Also, scared of next year.  Bring on the break.

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  1. I am so proud of both of them. You are a really good teacher. God has richly blessed you. I love you a lot.

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