Week in Review: 10/13 – 10/19

Finally, a calmer week!

Well, it was if you don’t count the Great Bike Disaster of yesterday.

We (mostly) stayed home, did lots of school (Susannah felt very oppressed), did about seventy-nine loads of laundry (nothing new, there), and breathed huge sighs of relief that no dr visits were required this week.

We also had our roof replaced on Thursday (thank you hail, that’s two in four years), so that was a little….loud.

Mad finished up with the letter D and moved on to E.

Mad D project

We discovered that crawdads carry their young around on their abdomen (okay, maybe everyone else knew that, but I didn’t).  Doesn’t this picture look like something out of a horror movie?  I’m so not an animal/creature person.  Gag.

Crawdad Collage


Madeline made Extra-special English Muffins – gag again.  We weren’t fans.  I think maybe we should have toasted the muffins first or something?

Pizza Muffins


Finally, we surprised the girls with a  rare trip (first time ever) to the theater to see Despicable Me 2.  It was cute, but not nearly as funny as the first one.   Susannah was scared of the purple minions (insert eye roll), but Madeline loved it.

Despicable Me 2


How was your week?  I’m going to be really happy when this 31 day challenge is over.  🙂