Week in Review: 10/6-10/12

I’m going to call this the week of interrupted schedules because nothing went as planned.  On a positive note though, things are looking up for next week; here’s hoping that we don’t leave the house at all for at least three days (or until we run out of eggs).  😉

Here’s a peek at our exciting (and decidedly light on the school-front) week.
First up, our pediatrician has finally decided, after more than three years, to break down and admit that Madeline has asthma.  She is now the proud owner of an inhaler.  I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad about that, but at least we have it when we need it now.

Since we’ve been practically living at the dr’s office lately, we went ahead and did the dreaded thing:
Flu Shots
Now I just need to force myself to get one ….

We went to the library for a few books (and this doesn’t include any of MY books).  Hopefully this will hold us over for a while.
Library books

 Jerm took us to the state fair and we had a killer time riding the giant ferris wheel, feeding the animals, and avoiding the gag-a-trocious stuff like fried butter (can you even imagine?).

Texas Star collage
Fair collage

And finally, Elaine, Michelle, and I declared a girls night and have already decided it needs to be a permanent fixture in our lives. (And girls night means food. Of course.) I finally made it to a Panera Bread…and obviously decided to make up for lost time.  😉
Panera Bread

As you can see by the absence of school-related topics, we didn’t get a whole lot of it done.  And the days that we did work on school, we were totally focused so we didn’t stop for photo ops.

How was your week?  Crazy?  Mundane?  Honestly, mundane sounds wonderful to me right now.  I have a zillion things to catch up on.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Week in Review: 10/6-10/12”

  1. Sorry Madeline has asthma. I remember…it was a learning curve for me. You have pretty much already been through this for the last couple years.
    Girls night is a great idea! I really think you need a few more library books, though…

  2. Our week was…different. My kids all had chest coughs and it rained for 4 days straight so we stayed inside a lot more than usual. Because of the rain, though, my husband was home from work (he does lawn maintenance) and he played 3 FULL games of Monopoly with our 2 oldest boys. Our youngest boy turned 5 on Thursday so, despite the rain and the coughng, his grandparents and 2 aunts splashed in to a birthday party we had for him that evening. Somehow we managed to get in 4 school days and I slipped out to pick up our library holds so we all had something to read.

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