Week in Review: 9/22-9/28

It’s been a whirlwind of a week.  I find myself saying every Sunday “This week I’m going to stay at home every single day.  No errands.  Nothing extra-curricular.   Just a nice, calm week at home.”  And then something like this happens:


Needless to say, we spent a good deal of time this week travelling between doctor offices and pharmacies. And even more time was spent trying to take care of a coughing child late at night. Thankfully things seem to finally be somewhat under control (except my sleep cycles).

Even though our week obviously didn’t happen quite as smoothly as I’d hoped, we did manage to accomplish most of our goals.

We’re enjoying our studies on ancient Egypt very much. I think the Pharaoh would have probably had us thrown into the Nile as crocodile bait when he saw our first attempt at a pyramid, though…
Pyramid 3

Ahem. Moving on.
Susannah’s sugar cube pyramid turned out much better.   At least until she started licking it (gag)!
Sugar Cube Pyramid

Madeline was studying the letter “B” this week, and we’re focusing on serving others so she made some brownie bites for little Billy.
Brownie Bites

She also made a (very interestingly colored) bug and both girls helped make banana muffins.

B Lessons

I participated in my second Package Pals craft swap and was paired up with Angela from A Mamas Two Cents Worth.  It was fun getting to know her and she sent me the most amazing box jammed full of crafty goodies!  She crocheted an awesome autumn-y wreath that I just love (and desperately need to buy another wreath hanger so I can put on my front door!), a pretty personalized mug, and a dry erase easel with interchangeable papers.  She also made the girls crocheted pencil cases which I’ve yet to remove from their clutches since we opened the box.  They ADORE them.   Seriously, Angela is one talented lady.

Swap Box Collage

In case you missed it earlier this week, be sure to check out the delicious lemon and raspberry layer cake I posted here.

Lemon Raspberry Cake 3

And finally, I’m preparing myself for my third year of participation in the 31 Days Blogging Series, which the Nester hosts every October. (See my previous series here and here.)  Since I have several other blogging obligations in October (more on those later) I chose a topic that will be easy for me to write about:

bigger 31 days button  Oh yeah!  Can’t wait.  I’ve totally re-kindled my love affair with books this year.

So…how was your week?  Any sick kids?

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  1. Susannah’s yellow tutu might not have been ok with Egyptian times. 🙂
    The crocheted goodies were AMAZING! 🙂 So glad the girlies loved their pencil cases.
    I am in love with Mad’s pink “B”ug.

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