Week in Review: 9/29-10/5

As much as I’d like to say that this week was more laid-back than last, it wouldn’t really be the truth.  I did my monthly shopping on Monday and Tuesday, which is always kind of an ordeal.  Even though it’s exhausting I still much prefer going once a month and then stopping in to get our weekly fruits/veggies/eggs.  The big trip is pretty brutal, but it’s really nice not having to go out for more than a ten-minute trip for the rest of the month.

Madeline is still fighting this strep and her cough isn’t getting much better so we’ve been up every night for breathing treatments.  I’m taking her back for a follow-up on Wednesday and I’m hoping she’ll be improving by that point.  We’re also all getting flu shots that day, so I’m sure it’ll be a very traumatic morning.  😉

Despite all the extra running around we managed to accomlish most of our academic goals this week.

Susannah made mud bricks out of clay, sand, and grass.  We decided that we would make terrible slaves.

Susannah mud bricks

Madeline studied the letter “C” this week.  She wrote her first real letter to the Christensons and made a carrot cake. (Which by the way, is the absolute best carrot cake I’ve ever tasted.  It’s crispy/chewy on the edges like a cookie.  But I digress.)

C Collage

We worked on an autumn-y project that I’ll share more about next week.

Painting Pastel Pumpkins

We’ve also been having fun playing around with the awesome Pom Tree Kids kits that we were given to experiment with (more on this soon!).

Pom Tree Kids Loot

And finally, to wrap up our week, Susannah has a poem she’d like to share with all of you.


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