Week in Review: April 1-11

Man, what is the deal with this year?  It’s already 1/3 over, peeps. Craziness.

Speaking of peeps, I waited all year to make this cute cake for Easter. I saw it last year on Little Miss Momma’s blog and thought it was super adorable.  Easter Cake

We always have our Easter egg hunt at the grandparents house on Saturday, and we’re lucky we did this year, because it rained and poured like crazy on Easter Sunday.



Since it rained so much, this is the only shot I got of the girls in the dresses I made them.  Terrible lighting, but they still manage to look cute.  Easter Dresses



And check this out. It’s not every day that Jerm dresses up in a suit jacket.  In fact…I think the last time was when we got married. 😉 Easter Jerm

We had a girls night out and went and explored Firewheel Mall.  It was fun; love these ladies. Girls Night 2

You know they’re keepers when you can all agree that the candy store is the best shop of all. Girls Night

And yes, it’s back to the bluebonnets. They just started showing up this week and may be even prettier next week, but with all the rain in the forecast I decided to grab some photos when I had the chance.  Bluebonnets 2 Bluebonnets 3 Bluebonnets 4 Bluebonnets 5 Bluebonnets 6 Bluebonnets

We’ve worked on a few school projects that I need to photograph before I can share, but the biggest news of this week is that this kid woke up one day with not one, not two, or even three, but FOUR loose teeth.  Within a few hours she’d popped this baby out (okay, she had me do it, but she did most of the work first). She’s been waiting for this day, yall.   Madeline Tooth


We’ve been studying the Black Death in history and I’ve GOT to show you all the incredibly creepy masks that are patterned after those that people wore back then to supposedly ward off the germs.  Next week I’ll be sure to take a photo of the girls wearing them, because I shouldn’t be the only one to have nightmares after seeing them.  (They aren’t really that bad, just weird.)

How was your Easter?
Is anyone else having an unusually rainy spring?



4 thoughts on “Week in Review: April 1-11”

  1. I would have loved to watch you make that fun cake. 🙂 And the loot those girls got for Easter! Good times.

  2. Okay, it didn’t save my post…I don’t think.

    I said I wish I could’ve watched you make that cute Easter cake.

    And so happy the girls got a lot of LOOT. 🙂

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