Week in Review: December 1-7

Another week down, and I seriously can’t believe Christmas is as close as it is.

Susannah (in true Queen Hatshepsut form) wearing the royal beard.  It was very embarrassing for her.


So grandpa came to the rescue.  See how Egyptian he is?


Mad studied “J” this week and it turns out that pretty much everyone we know has a name that starts with J.  We couldn’t even fit everyone on our board, so we’re having to settle for using last names (or nicknames) to break it up a little.  No more J names, people!

She made a jar of jelly beans for a special J friend.



Best link of the week here.  Seriously hilarious.  I’m not sure I could name all of the states correctly, either, and I KNOW I’d be lost on a European map.  (Interesting that almost everyone can recognize Texas.)  My fav’s: “the midwest has ceased to exist” and “big Scotland.”  Hahahahahahaha!

I also really enjoyed this article about un-schooling.

Favorite crafting tool of the moment: Craftsmart paint pens from Michaels (less than $2 and I think they work better than the Sharpie paint pens).



Favorite video of the week (although I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now):

Texas has been having it’s normal mood swings with the weather this week.  80 one day and 20 the next.  No snow for us, but lots of ice.

Ready for some more ridiculous search engine terms?  I have no idea why Google sends these people to my site, but they’re good for a laugh, anyway.

  • canvas covered flat car load – uh, okay…??
  • boring art compositions – should I be offended?
  • sugar candy bamboo – well, yum.  Why haven’t I thought of that?
  • i guess it’s just me myself and all my millions – Yes, please come visit me and all my millions.
  • “as cool as owl” – I wish I was that cool


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